About Us

As a multi-faceted, long established manufacturing business there are many aspects about us that make Martin's Rubber unique, and on pages elsewhere we show our product, industry and process capabilities. However there are many other elements to the enterprise that is Martin's Rubber, and our long history, experience and ethics all go towards setting the standards we expect of ourselves, and the way in which we deal with our customers, suppliers and staff.

Martin's Rubber is a third generation family-owned business set in the heart of Southampton, close to the dockyards that were such a key factor in the early growth of the Company over 150 years ago. During this time we have gathered a wealth of experience in elastomers and other related materials, as well as developing close ties with the industries into which we supply.

We have adjusted our business model in parallel with the evolution of rubber manufacturing and general engineering practice and techniques, and have earned a reputation within our industry as a quality product and solutions provider. The range of facilities available in house allows us to be responsive and innovative, and the scope of materials and techniques that we offer has developed in line with customer demand, to ensure that we are offering a rounded and broad-based service.

Our ethos is one of long-term relationships, whereby we strive to build working partnerships with customers and suppliers alike, for mutual benefit. We are passionate about British engineering and manufacturing, and as such endeavour to support local industry wherever possible, whilst maintaining global supply relationships with customers.