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At Monomer, we stock a wide range of adhesives for rubber, including solvent-based adhesive water-based adhesive for rubber and those specific to engineering tasks. Suitable for use with a wide range of materials, our range of adhesive can be used in most general-purpose applications and are available to purchase in various pack sizes.

What are adhesives used for?

An adhesive is a substance applied to the surface of a material in order to bind them together and resist separation. As each adhesive works on its own principles, it is important to choose the right adhesive product for your application. The most common high strength adhesives for rubber include: Polychloroprene, Cyanoacrylate and anaerobic adhesives. All of these adhesives for rubber feature different properties and should therefore be chosen depending on their strengths, weaknesses and material compatibility. Most contact adhesives can be used to bond one material to a different material, for example, a rubber sheet adhesive will provide a bond between a rubber sheet and another surface.

High strength adhesive for rubber

The majority of our high strength adhesives come with two parts, a primer and a catalyst. The catalyst should be purchased with a primer suited to the specific application in which it is to be used and the material that is selected. These rubber adhesives provide an extra strength sealing solution, resistant to shock and impact forces, providing good adhesion to a variety of synthetic and natural rubber surfaces.

Polychloroprene based adhesives have been specially designed to allow a good adhesion to a variety of both synthetic and natural rubber surfaces. This polychloroprene product is also applied as a two-part adhesive, using a primer to activate the bonding process.

Alternatively, Monomer offers a high strength retainer for use under cyclic loading. This adhesive for rubber boasts high viscosity and is ideal for bonding rigid assemblies. The adhesive can also be used in the retention of pulleys, gears and bearings.

Where to buy adhesives

With over 100 years’ industry experience, Monomer is a leading supplier of elastomeric products. Our expertise in rubber and adhesive for rubber products is unparalleled, meaning we can offer you an adhesive rubber product, suited to your individual application.

If you would like more information about our rubber sheet adhesives, or need advice on purchasing the right adhesive for your rubber application, contact our technical team today using the contact form on the bottom of the page. Alternatively, feel free to send an email to, or call us on 023 8022 6330, and a member of our technical team will be able to assist you from there.

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19 Item(s)