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At Monomer, we stock a range of adhesive cleaners and adhesive thinners, available to buy online. Our range of high quality contact adhesive thinners are essentially contact adhesive removers and can be used to clean application equipment or machinery, and is widely used as a thinner/cleaner on materials including PVC nitrile and polyurethane solutions. Our versatile MEK cleaner and thinner products can also be used as a cleaner for polychloroprene solutions.

What is a contact adhesive thinner or MEK cleaner?

MEK cleaner, also referred to as methyl ethyl ketone, is a strong, fast-drying, solvent cleaner and degreaser. This type of contact adhesive remover is excellent for dissolving resins and adhesives, whilst also removing old finishes and contact cement. As a highly volatile adhesive thinner, MEK cleaner is often used with hard-wearing industrial adhesives and is suitable as a solvent weld medium for unplasticised PVC guttering and water pipes.

MEK solvent uses

Used as a solvent or adhesive cleaner, MEK cleaner is often employed in processes involving removal of: Gums Resins Cellulose acetate Nitrocellulose coatings Vinyl films This adhesive thinner can also be used in household products, including removing lacquer and varnishes, as a paint remover and as a cleaning agent. Similar to acetone, MEK boils at a high temperature and has a significantly slower evaporation rate.

Toluene-free adhesive cleaners from Monomer

As part of our range of contact adhesive thinners at Monomer, we also stock a range of toluene-free cleaners. This adhesive thinner is a highly versatile and powerful solvent blend, used as a thinner for polychloroprene solutions and most industrial adhesives. Toluene-free cleaners are often used for cleaning and degreasing rubber, metal, GRP and other surfaces, prior to applying an adhesive or coating. Toluene-free adhesive cleaners are often used for an effective clean following the immediate use of equipment and tools. Toluene-free cleaners, or toluene-free contact adhesive removers, are also a great choice for thinning tough, high-gloss finishing components, such as epoxy alkyd and polyester.

Order the right contact adhesive remover today

Our supply of adhesive thinners and MEK cleaners are available to order right here in our online store. However, if you would like more information or assistance in choosing the right adhesive cleaner for your specific application, contact our team of experts today using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Also, feel free to get in touch with our technical team to discuss your contact adhesive thinner requirements by calling us on 023 8022 6330, or by sending an email to and one of our technical specialists will be able to help you from there.

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