• Safety Matting from Monomer

    Electrical matting, or switchboard matting, is an essential form of protective equipment, that provides essential insulation to protect against high voltages. If your industry is one where electricity plays a large role, you are sure to benefit from electrical safety mats.

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  • Insulated Rubber Mats for Electrical Panels

    Insulated rubber mats are critical when it comes to working with electrical panels. Business owners and employers have a legal requirement to protect their workforce from the risk of electrocution. Monomer has a reputation for quality products and can provide your workshop with insulated matting that can offer your staff higher levels of safety when operating machinery.

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  • Electrical Hazards in the Home

    Electricity is something we take for granted each and every day, especially when it comes to safety. It is easy to assume that we are safe using our appliances within the home. As electrical safety matting UK experts, we always want to ensure safety around electrical appliances whether it is in the home or workplace. In this blog, we will highlight 5 common electrical safety hazards in the home in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. Continue reading

  • Electrical rubber matting regulations

    BS EN 61111:2009, also referred to as IEC 61111:2009, is the revised current standard for electrical safety matting. Electrical matting can be tested to, and demonstrate compliance with, BS EN 61111:2009, which means that the insulated floor covering will not only help to protect contractors and staff working on electrical installations from the dangers of shock, but it will also offer other additional benefits and provide a clearer way of evaluating the requirements and quickly identifying the best choice of matting. In this article Monomer will look at the updated electrical safety matting regulations and how you can keep safe from electrical shocks. Continue reading

  • Choosing the right switchboard matting

    At Monomer, we are experts in supplying rubber matting for electrical switch rooms to companies worldwide. Read our blog to find out how you can benefit from our high-quality switchboard matting, which has been manufactured to meet BS EN 9111. Continue reading

  • Where can I buy rubber washers?

    Are you looking for the best place to buy rubber washers online? Monomer is a leading rubber washer supplier, which means that we are able to provide you with a washer product to suit most applications and industries. Continue reading

  • Rubber matting for electrical switch rooms

    One of the main purposes of rubber matting is for use in electrical switch rooms. For example, a rubber mat for electrical panels is an insulated floor covering that helps to protect individuals working on electrical installations. When there is a risk of shock, rubber matting should be used and must always comply with BS EN 61111:2009. Here, Monomer outlines the main uses of insulation rubber mats for electrical purposes.

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  • Top 5 electrical accidents and how to avoid them

    How many of these electrical accidents are waiting to happen in your home? Are you ignoring the crackling noise from your hairdryer every time you plug it in? Read our top 5 types of electrical accidents, and how to avoid them.

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  • FDA Approved Rubber Materials

    In this blog, we list some of the food grade rubber materials that are available at Monomer. Our food grade rubber materials are suitable for various settings, including food and beverage environments and the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Monomer: High Temperature Gasket Material Suppliers

    Are you looking for rubber products that have been designed specifically to perform in harsh environments? At Monomer, our range of high temperature gasket materials are made to withstand various conditions, including conditions in which high pressure, saturated steam, hot oils, intense heat and chemicals may be present.

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