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Electrical Safety Matting

Electrical matting, or switchboard matting, is an essential form of protective equipment, providing insulation to protect against high voltages. Here at Monomer, our electrical safety matting is available to purchase online for all electrical safety functions. Monomer offers electrical safety matting certified as meeting BS EN 61111:2009 (also referred to as IEC 61111:2009). Offering competitive pricing, industry-approved insulated rubber matting and a high level of customer service, it is easy to see why Monomer is the go-to company for supplying businesses with electrical safety matting worldwide. Electrical Matting is known for its exceptional electrical insulating properties. With the ability to reduce or stop electric currents, electrical rubber matting or switchboard matting is a common flooring choice for high voltage environments.

Why use Electrical Safety Matting?

At Monomer, we supply electrical safety matting, sometimes referred to as electrical insulation mats, to companies throughout the UK and abroad, across a range of industries. Our electrical rubber mats consist of a solid rubber and are available in three different widths. Electrical matting is essential when working with electricity in applications such as near live electrical switchboard equipment and machinery with high voltages. Electrical safety matting must be installed in any areas where the health and safety of a person is at risk due to the possibility of coming into contact with high voltage shocks. For example, electrical matting can be employed to protect workers from electrical shocks in control rooms, plant rooms, switchboards and areas where individuals handle live equipment. Electrical safety matting offered at Monomer can be purchased in full 10m length rolls or cut lengths.

If you wish to purchase an electrical insulation mat, you can do so here, through our online store. For more information, you can view our guide to electrical and insulated switchboard matting. Or you can simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page to ask us a question about our electrical rubber mats, including questions about the thicknesses and lengths, so that you receive the right electrical safety matting to meet your requirements.

Choosing the right Electrical Matting

In order to provide maximum protection, it is important to choose your electrical switchboard matting based on the working voltage in the operational environment. So, the higher the voltage, the more protective the electrical matting will need to be. This is why, at Monomer, we stock a variety of high voltage electrical insulation mats in three protection voltages. These are as follows:

    • 450V
    • 650V
    • 1000V

450V Electrical Matting

Our 450V electrical mats are suitable for general purpose applications where working voltage is no more than 450V (although they have been tested to 11KV). Therefore, take time to check the working voltage before purchasing your electrical rubber mat.

650V Insulated Rubber Matting

Our 650V insulated rubber matting is for more specialist applications, offering higher protection. Our 650V electrical matting has been tested at 15KV, guaranteeing maximum personal safety.

1000V Switchboard Matting

If you are looking for a high voltage rubber mat, the BS EN 61111 1000V electrical insulation matting is our highest form of rubber matting protection and has been tested to levels of 5000V or 5KV. BS EN 61111 is the only standard for electrical safety matting that is recognised internationally. To understand more about all the electrical safety matting that is offered here at Monomer, please read through our electrical matting FAQs.

Not sure what type of electrical safety matting to buy? View our electrical safety matting buying guide and electrical matting product data sheet here for more information. Alternatively, simply click onto one of our electrical safety matting products below to find out detailed product information.

Order Electrical Insulation Mats from Monomer

If you are looking to purchase an electrical rubber mat from a trusted UK supplier, you can do so right here in our online store. We have made it easy for you to find your ideal product quickly, with all of our prices and delivery charges displayed prominently for quick reference. For companies based outside of the UK, please contact us for information regarding shipping times and prices of the electrical safety mats that we have in stock.

Monomer are leading suppliers of switchboard matting. We are happy to offer technical advice, information and assistance. So, if you have a specific function in mind, please contact our sales team today by ringing 023 8022 6330 or simply email us at Or, feel free to send us your questions using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for your desired product.

For further information about electrical safety mats from Monomer, download our handy fact sheets below:

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