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1000 Volts

Our highest grade of ribbed rubber electrical safety matting is 1000V. Electrical safety matting 1000V is designed for use in specialist applications that require high levels of protection to prevent earth contact with the floor, therefore preventing electric shocks. All of our electrical safety matting 1000V comes with a certificate of conformity, illustrating our dedication to manufacturing high quality products. Monomer offers 1000V electrical matting certified as meeting BS EN 61111 (Class 0), which is sometimes referred to as IEC 61111:2009. This means that the electrical switchboard matting we supply meets all of the requirements of this European specification (superseding the BSI’s BS921:1976 specification).

Offering reasonable prices, industry-approved ribbed rubber electrical safety matting and a high level of customer service, it is easy to see why Monomer is the go-to company for supplying businesses with electrical safety matting 1000V worldwide.

Applications where Electrical safety matting 1000V might be used

Protective equipment is compulsory in many hazardous working environments in order to safeguard employees and minimise the risk of harm. Specialised 1000-volt electrical safety mats are important in any situation where there is a high level of risk from electric shocks, such as:

  • Control rooms
  • Switchboards or switch rooms
  • Plant rooms
  • Various other applications in which staff may be in close proximity to live equipment

This level of electrical safety rubber matting will most likely be used in more specialised sectors that work with high voltage levels. When it comes to deciding on which electrical safety rubber matting you should purchase, you will need to consider the voltage of live equipment you’re working with.

1000V electrical switchboard rubber matting from Monomer

All our rubber safety matting products are made from high quality rubber, with a non-slip surface. Our 1000V electrical switchboard matting is available in the following lengths and widths:

  • Lengths: 1m - 10m (full roll)
  • Widths: 914mm, 1000mm and 1220mm

The width of the 1000V ribbed rubber electrical safety matting will be determined by the area in which you need to work.

Our 1000-volt electrical matting can withstand tests of 10KV and has been proof tested at 5KV, ensuring that your safety mats will work efficiently at the working voltage of 1000V. This type of matting has also undergone tests to prove its robustness in adverse conditions. The 1000V electrical matting that we stock has been tested against the following criteria:

  • Marking durability
  • Flame retardance
  • Mechanical puncture resistance
  • Acid resistance
  • Oil resistance
  • Ageing

It is worth noting that if you are likely to need a high voltage mat in the future, it may be worth bulk-purchasing in order to reduce overall shipping costs in the long-term.

For further guidance on the classes, widths and lengths of our 1000V electrical matting, view our electrical and insulated switchboard matting guide. Alternatively, for more technical information, please view our 1000V ribbed rubber electrical safety matting BS EN 61111:2009 PDF data sheet.

Buying a high voltage mat from abroad

As a quality industrial rubber supplier, we can supply products to companies not only in the UK, but overseas too. If you wish to purchase 1000-volt electrical safety matting from outside of the UK, please contact us today and we can provide you with all of the information you need regarding shipping costs, based on your product requirements.

For more information on our electrical safety matting stock, please refer to our handy electrical matting buying guide. If you have any questions about our 1000-volt electrical matting that we offer, please feel free to ask us by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page. Or, read through some of our most frequently asked bs en 61111 electrical matting questions.

For further information about electrical safety mats from Monomer, download our handy fact sheets below:

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