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450 Volts

At Monomer, our lowest grade of protective matting is 450V. This 450 Volt electrical matting is perfect for more general applications that require lower level voltage protection. All of our electrical safety matting comes with a certificate of conformity, illustrating our dedication to providing quality products.

Who needs 450V electrical matting

Electrical safety matting is needed by anyone who requires protection against electrical equipment in their working environment. The 450 Volt electrical matting is used in more general applications and can often be used by maintenance staff, operators and contractors. Electrical safety matting is a compulsory safety feature in many working environments, in order to safeguard employees and minimise any risk of accidents, such as electric shocks.

450 volts electrical safety mats from Monomer

Our electrical safety matting has been tested to 11KV and is resistant up to a working voltage of 450V. These 450 Volt electrical mats are constructed from a high quality rubber material, with a ribbed surface in order to incorporate non-slip properties. Our 450V electrical switchboard rubber matting is 6mm thick and available in a range of lengths, from 1m to a full roll at 10m. The matting is also available in three different widths: 914mm, 1000mm and 1220mm. Of course, the size of the matting will depend on the requirements of the job. However, all matting should be at least 900mm x 900mm in size.

450V electrical matting – made to order

450 Volts electrical safety matscan be ordered from us for a specific application, ensuring you receive the most suitable product. If necessary, the electrical matting can be ordered as a 10m full roll and be cut to size using a sharp knife in the workshop. This can be cost-effective if you are likely to have future requirements for the product, saving on shipping costs.

Buying your 450 Volt electrical matting from outside the UK

We supply elastomeric products throughout the UK, as well as for clients based outside of the UK. If you would like more information on the shipping costs of our 450V electrical switchboard rubber matting, please contact us today and we will be able to provide a quote depending on the dimensions, quantity and destination of the goods. For further guidance on electrical safety matting, please read our electrical and insulated switchboard matting guide.

If you would like more information on the electrical safety matting that we stock, please refer to our handy electrical matting buying guide or our frequently asked electrical matting questions. However, if you are still unsure, simply send us your questions using the contact form at the bottom of the page and our technical experts will be able to assist you.  

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