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Here at Monomer, we stock three specifications of rubber switchgear matting: 450 volt, 650 volt and 1000 volt electrical safety matting. Our 650 volt electrical switchgear matting offers middle of the range protection and is often used in applications that may require a higher protection rate than the 450V offers but where the BSEN 61111 spec is not required. Our rubber matting for electrical switch rooms comes with a certificate of conformity, ensuring all our products are manufactured to the same high standard.

650 volt rubber matting can be crucial for boosting operational safety within electrical switch rooms. Thanks to its excellent electrical insulating properties, rubber matting for electrical switch rooms can protect individuals from dangerous shocks and thereby minimise potential risks within electrical switch rooms.

Why is rubber matting for electrical switch rooms necessary?

Often accepted as being one of the most hazardous workplaces, environments exposed to high voltages such as electrical switch rooms expose employees to potential electric shocks, electrocution fatalities, outbreaks of fire and perhaps even explosions.

The devastating consequences mentioned above are often caused by switchgear failures involving:

  • Insulation breakdown
  • Loose and faulty connections
  • Breaker racking
  • Water intrusion or immersion
  • Defective ground fault protection

    In order to keep such hazards within the workplace at a minimum, it is the duty of every business owner to analyse any potential risks and educate themselves on how to manage, assess and maintain their operations. This is because failure to comply with the electrical safety regulations can lead to legal and financial implications.

    Applications which require 650V electrical switchgear matting

    Similar to our 450V rubber switchgear matting, the 650V electrical switchgear matting will be used in comparable working environments, but where the need for protection may be slightly higher. Protective equipment is compulsory in hazardous working environments and electrical safety matting is a common type of safety equipment, often used in manufacturing and industrial applications.

    Our 650 volt rubber matting for electrical switchrooms is tested to 15KV and is resistant to 650 working volts, providing protection from electric shocks and protecting maintenance staff, operators and contractors in hazardous electrical working environments.

    Purchasing 650V rubber switchgear matting from Monomer

    At Monomer, all of our electrical switchgear matting is produced from high quality rubber and is ribbed in order to provide a non-slip surface. Our 650 volt rubber switchgear matting is approximately 9.5mm thick and can be purchased in a range of lengths and widths. 650V rubber matting for electrical switchrooms can be purchased at any length between 1m and 10m and is available in three different widths: 914mm, 1000mm and 1220mm. While the size of the matting will depend on the requirements of the application, it is recommended that it should be at least 900mm x 900mm.

    Ordering your 650 volt rubber matting for electrical switch rooms

    The 650 volt rubber matting for electrical switch rooms that we stock can be supplied in full rolls or at the required size. If you are likely to require more matting in the future, it is more cost-effective to purchase a roll of electrical matting in order to save on shipping costs.

    At Monomer we supply elastomeric products throughout the UK and abroad. If you are wishing to purchase 650V rubber switchgear matting from outside the UK, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will be able to provide you with shipping costs based on your requirements.

    For more information regarding our 650 volt electrical mats, please refer to our handy electrical matting buying guide, or alternatively read through some of our most frequently asked electrical matting questions.

    For further information about electrical safety mats from Monomer, download our handy fact sheets below:

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