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Electrical Matting Buying Guide

Although it may seem like there’s a myriad of red tape to navigate when it comes to protective equipment for electrical work it need not be the case. We’ve put together a straightforward, simple guide that you will not find anywhere else to help you piece the puzzle together and make an informed decision on what you need for your circumstances no matter who you are; a buyer in a warehouse, a self-employed electrician or a contractor.

View our full electrical safety mat buying guide here.

Electrically insulated rubber matting is a specially manufactured product designed specifically to protect you, your colleagues and the public from electrical shock when working with high voltage equipment. Not only will it protect you simply from live electrical components and parts but potentially faulty parts allowing you to work and resolve the problem in safety.

The matting insulates you from earth contact thereby allowing you to safely interact with the equipment without becoming a human torch! This is just one of the many reasons it’s so important that get properly manufactured matting that’s passed the relevant tests, benchmarks and carries a certificate of authenticity. View our range of 450V electrical safety matting, 650V electrical safety matting and 1000V electrical safety matting.

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