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Angle Rubbers

Monomer is a leading rubber supplier, stocking a wide range of high quality, off-the-shelf rubber extrusions, including angle rubbers, which are all available with fast delivery. An angle rubber is a specific type of rubber extrusion that can be used to provide a protective edging or an aesthetic trim.

Uses of a rubber angle

Angle rubbers are often used as an aesthetic surface feature, but are most commonly used as a practical addition to surfaces. In many applications where high quality and reliable angle rubbers are required, our range of rubber angles can be implemented to reduce wear and tear and increase the level of comfort and longevity of the item it is added or inserted into. Angle rubbers can be used in both specific and general applications, as using a rubber angle trim will reduce the risk of damages to appliances in a range of industrial applications.

Rubber angle trims from Monomer

As you can see, at Monomer, we have a wide range of rubber angle sections available to purchase in our online store. For your convenience, the majority of our rubber angle mouldings are held in stock, meaning we can provide fast delivery times and minimal delays. For products that are not currently available in stock, please feel free to contact us today, as a member of our team of experts will be able to help. Alternatively, you can simply send us your queries or requests using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

For further information about our rubber angle trim and our whole extrusions, view our rubber extrusions guide.

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4 Item(s)