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Channel Plain Square

A channel plain square extrusion is one of the many extrusions offered by Monomer. The applications in which square rubber seals can be used in are by no means limited to just the manufacturing industry. In fact, our square section rubber seal products have previously been used in more general applications, outside of the manufacturing industry.

Uses of a square rubber seal

Channel plain square extrusions are often used in glazing applications in order to create a seal between two objects. In many cases, their importance is often overlooked. For instance, channel plain square extrusions play a pivotal role between a window and metal structure in a vehicle. The primary function of a square section rubber seal is to prevent media transferring from one environment to another and also to minimise noise. Channel plain square extrusions are also used as a safety mechanism, shielding sharp corners and preventing injury.

Square section rubber seals from Monomer

Monomer are leading suppliers of manufacturing equipment and have a vast selection of off-the-shelf rubber extruded products ready to order. Our range of square rubber seals can be viewed in below, however if you are struggling to find the product you require, please contact our team today and we’ll be happy to offer an alternative solution. If you would like further information on our range of rubber extrusions and channel plain square extrusions, please refer to our rubber extrusions guide.

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15 Item(s)