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Solid Rubber Piping

At Monomer, we stock a comprehensive range of high quality rubber extrusion products, including solid rubber piping. With a myriad of potential applications, solid piping is an extremely versatile product, as it can be used in both industrial and general purpose settings.

High quality solid piping

Formed from high quality EPDM, our solid piping extrusions feature rigid profiles, which make them very easy to install and suitable for use in a range of industries. EPDM is an extremely durable material, which is why EPDM solid piping extrusions are suitable for use in an endless number of applications. Some of the applications in which solid rubber piping may be used include:

  • Double glazing
  • Heavy industry
  • Caravans, boats and cars

The list above is in no way exhaustive, as solid piping uses extend far beyond this. Boasting a temperature tolerance range of between -40°C and 130°C and a high resistance to weathering, ageing, UV, ozone and mild chemicals, EPDM solid piping extrusions can be used in most heavy duty applications.

Leading EPDM solid piping extrusion supplier

As a reputable solid piping supplier, we have a range of standard solid rubber piping extrusions available to purchase in stock. Our vast range of solid piping, and other extrusions, can be found right here, in our online store. For more information on our range of EPDM solid piping extrusions, feel free to contact our technical team today using the enquiry form below, or simply email

Alternatively, please feel free to read through our rubber extrusions guide, which has been put together to help engineers and designers in the initial design and prototype stage and also to assist buyers who are looking for either a new product, a replacement, or an alternative to an existing item.

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4 Item(s)