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Rubber T Section

Within our extensive range of rubber seals and rubber extrusions at Monomer, we offer a selection of rubber t section seals. T shaped rubber seals have many benefits and are essential in some situations. The main purpose of a rubber t section seal is to fill critical gaps in order to prevent sound leakage and fumes and liquids from passing seeping out.

Our range of rubber seals for doors 

In our online store, you have the ability to choose your T section rubber seal from our wide range, in various shapes and sizes, in the highest quality EPDM rubber. So simply browse through our range to find your perfect T-shaped rubber extrusion.
If you cannot find the exact T section rubber seal that you are looking for below, please send us a message using the contact form below, detailing your T rubber seal extrusion requirements and a member of our team will get in touch. You can also send us any questions regarding t section rubber mouldings by emailing us at

For further information about our rubber T section extrusions please read our rubber extrusions guide.

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2 Item(s)