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Gylon Bio-Pro seals are known for their robust and intrusion resistant properties, thanks to their restructured PTFE material composition. Given that Bio-Pro Gylon seals have been proven to be a safe solution for use with tri-clamp connections, Bio-Pro seals are often employed in pharmaceutical and food processing industries and with cleaning, sterilizing and neutralizing media, including steam. Manufactured from a proprietary Gylon style 3504 modified PTFE material, Bio-Pro Gylon seals are created from the pre-formed and stress controlled material. This helps to make the Bio-Pro seal both dimensionally stable and resistant to the intrusion of a pipe bore.

Bio-Pro seals from Monomer

Gylon Bio-Pro seals deliver the best in-class performance in terms of compliance, chemical compatibility, sealability, creep and cold flow. Bio-Pro seals also boast ease of installation, ASME-BPE standards for dimensional consistency and long-term operational integrity in even the most challenging and critical applications. The PTFE material used in Bio-Pro Gylon seals helps to eliminate contamination issues, which can be both costly and critical to the effective working of machinery. Gylon Bio-Pro seals also have a smooth surface finish, making the product ideal for pharmaceutical and food industry applications.

Features of a Gylon Bio-Pro seal

Bio-Pro Gylon seals reduce the chance of gasket recession or intrusion within hygienic couplings. Also a top performer in relation to both CIP and SIP cycle life, Bio-Pro seals can be used with both cleaning media and the sterilisation procedure. Some of the main features of Gylon Bio-Pro seals include:

  • Complex material selection ensures a high sealing integrity.
  • Bio-Pro seals eliminate gasket recession or intrusion into the process flow. 
  • Bio-Pro Gylon seals comply with ASME-BPE for dimensional stability. 
  • PTFE material offers exceptional chemical and thermal cycling capabilities. 
  • Gylon Bio-Pro seals are non-additive and non-absorptive. 
  • Bio-Pro seals are universal, with unlimited shelf life - simplifies inventory and gasket selection. 
  • Ideal for SIP (steam in place) & CIP (clean in place) processes. 
  • Bio-Pro seals are fully traceable with quality documents and certifications. 
  • Process Temperatures: -346°F (-210°C) to +500°F (260°C). 
  • Pressure, max.*: 800 psig (55 bar).

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12 Item(s)